We are happy to announce we have a brand new Virtual Assistant, Amelia Gerard.

Amelia brings an array of experience to our ever-growing team at Elements. Together, we’re embarking on an incredible journey to make a real difference in the lives of children and young people.

Amelia has impressed us with her humility, genuine enthusiasm, and passion for helping our young people to thrive and succeed. While qualifications are important, what truly shines are the human touch, the vibe, and the persona.

Elements SEMH Support CIC is a movement that’s set to make a huge impact on the world, and Amelia is joining us on this exciting adventure. She will also become a part of our fantastic team, FOE (Friends Of Elements).

Behind the scenes, we have an extraordinary group of people driving Elements forward.

If you need assistance, reach out to our incredible VA, Amelia. She’s here to help!


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Elements is a child-centred; Social & Emotional Mental Health Support Service.

The purpose of Elements Support is to help children and young people effectively connect across the four elements of wellbeing: Physical, Environmental, Social & Mental.