We began the year with one goal in mind, to become a registered Community Interest Company (CIC).

Why? Because we wanted to extend our reach and grow Elements Support as a creative SEMH service to reach as many children as we can.

Becoming a CIC was always going to be a next step and we are so excited to announce this step has now become a reality.

So what does this mean for Elements Support?

It means, we can now attract funding from a whole range of funders to help create more continuity to our service. This will in turn create more consistency for our children, it will give more security to our Elementors and it will make our reach further and wider.

The next part of our vision is to have our own home, a place where children can come and spend time with us and to be apart of the Elements environment which we have tonnes of ideas about.

If you would like further information on Elements Support becoming a CIC or, if you are a funder looking for a fresh creative SEMH service, then please get in touch with us today. We are ready!


Mobile: 0739 869 4790

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Elements is a child-centred; Social & Emotional Mental Health Support Service.

The purpose of Elements Support is to help children and young people effectively connect across the four elements of wellbeing: Physical, Environmental, Social & Mental.