“I am very excited to introduce our brand new Elementors; Heather, Lorren, and Zara!

Before interviewing, Claire (Elements HR) and I sat down to discuss in detail what we were looking for in an Elementor. The bar was set pretty high as we had already faced previous teething issues with recruitment, which is why we had to be very clear with what we were looking for. Now we have found what we believe to be three amazing, compassionate, and empathic individuals who can bring a wealth of skill and experience to the Elements Support table.

Heather, Zara, Lorren will join Rosie and myself on the journey of connection.

The first instalment of Elements training was delivered on Tuesday with more training and learning experiences to come.

I am not just saying this however, I have spoken at length with each Elementor and they fill me with so much excitement for the future.

Heather has vast experience in Art, Design, and youth work and ticks so many boxes of what we would like from an Elementor.

Lorren has worked within the residential care sector and pupil referral education supporting some of the most disadvantaged children and young people.

Zara is a trauma & attachment trainer and an adoptive panel member for Action for children. Such a wealth of experience and knowledge to bring.

I can’t wait for the Elementor family picture with all our hoodies on, this will be a special moment for me personally but a huge day for Elements as a service”.

Steven Russell

Elements Founder

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Heather Wilson
Lorren Harrison
Zara Hunt

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Elements is a child-centred; Social & Emotional Mental Health Support Service.

The purpose of Elements Support is to help children and young people effectively connect across the four elements of wellbeing: Physical, Environmental, Social & Mental.