Elements Support (Steven Russell) and The Right Path (Joe Cole) have teamed up together with N-GAGE, to reach out to the children and young people school’s / Colleges are most worried about.

Joe and Ste have an abundance of experience between them, that will create life changing outcomes for children and young people.

A new level of engagement called #60second impact.

Joe and Ste have the charisma, the creativity, and the connectivity with authentic synergy to engage ANY child or young person within 60 seconds of meeting them.

Carolyn, pastoral lead said, “There’s been this real buzz around the school since you two came in”.

Let’s Connect


Elements is a child-centred; Social & Emotional Mental Health Support Service.

The purpose of Elements Support is to help children and young people effectively connect across the four elements of wellbeing: Physical, Environmental, Social & Mental.